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Tantramar – Marsh and Mud Flat

Gary Tucker

Gary Tucker

I live in the small town of Sackville, New Brunswick, in the Maritime region of Canada. In 2019 I retired after 35 years as a university professor of music theory and music history. Long attracted to looking at photographs, I began practising digital photography myself in 2008. Landscape photography forms my main retirement activity, and I’ve begun to explore the benefits – and expenses – of printing my own work.


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Straddling the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, the Chignecto Isthmus lies at the head of the Bay of Fundy. Much of its southern area is marshland, among which are the Tantramar Marshes. These tidal salt marshes have been dyked since the 17th century and are mainly used to grow hay and as cattle pasture, though recent efforts have reclaimed portions for wildlife, including numerous migratory bird species. As many as 400 hay barns once formed a distinctive feature of the landscape, but most have fallen to age and winter storms.

The Marshes are drained by several streams among which is the tidal Tantramar River. Its waters are reddish-brown with alluvial mud as it meanders towards the Cumberland Basin. The Basin’s wide mud-flats are inundated and exposed twice a day by the Fundy’s famously high tides.

In these summer photos, I’ve tried to project the expansive sky and bright colours of the Tantramar landscape; on a grey winter’s day the Marshes can look a good deal bleaker!

Tucker-Tantramar1 Tucker-Tantramar2 Tucker-Tantramar3 Tucker-Tantramar4

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