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Alexandra Wesche

Alexandra Wesche

I am an amateur photographer from Germany who is into landscapes and stories. I like to discover both on my daily walks through the woods with my sighthounds and on occasional vacations.


Like so many people on this planet, the Corona virus pandemic has affected me in several ways, not least financially. My workplace has been in short-time work mode for months and despite having more time on my hands, I found myself with less of a mind for photography.

During the lockdown in May I had to do a professional trip to Amsterdam and I took the chance to spend a few days at the North Sea. It was surprisingly and thankfully quite deserted.

The images show a memorial to the small seaside village Petten which had to be evacuated, moved and rebuild multiple times due to its vicinity to the sea and to war destruction. The memorial is a marker for its historical location.
I have always loved the graphical nature of groynes, therefore these strange forms attracted me immediately. I was also fascinated by the symbolical value of the poles. The idea that something remains to brave the tides and storms long after it vanished. Their indifference towards weather, breaking waves and the people who are walking, playing and partying in between.

To me it also seemed like a symbol of loss: people lost at sea, the loss of homes and the loss of lives - like ghosts standing guard between the tangible and the ephemeral world.

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