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Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

I'm a semi-retired Management Consultant/Coach pursuing the perfect Life:Work imbalance. Photography, for me, is a love affair with the beauty that I encounter in the outdoors. My aim is to capture and hopefully evoke the magic that I experience in the places wherein I am lucky enough to spend the majority of my time..


These images are all drawn from within 20 minutes of my home. I am slightly amazed by the number of people who walk through woodland looking around, ahead or downwards (presumably to avoid cracking their heads or falling over) and yet so rarely upwards into the glorious canopies.

I have always found them magical, and even in relatively mundane photographic conditions can yield such beauty and mystery. Consequently, I spend a great deal of my time lying on my back gazing up at and photographing the wonders above. Aside from having a soggy back much of the time, I also number many of the images generated, often handheld, as amongst my personal favourites.

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