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The Island of Ikaria – Greece

Gregory Thanos

Gregory Thanos

I am a landscape and nature photographer based in Greece. My engagement with landscape photography started back in 2018. My summer explorations in a small village in Thessaly, Greece when I was still a kid, provoke my passion for combining my love for nature with photography. Since then, I am searching for the feeling of isolation near autumn and winter sceneries far from cities' lights.

Visiting the island of Ikaria, I admired the combination of dense vegetation, gorges and forests with breathtaking seacoasts. Since the beginning of my exploration, I got the feeling that Ikaria is a place forgotten by time. It consists of vast mountainous areas with alternations in the natural habitat varying between green plains and bare rocks which have impressive formations, sculptured by the strong winds. This contrast caught my attention from the first moment and I really wanted to capture them.

The routes that cross the central part of the island, give a relaxing-panoramic view. Having crossed the central mountainous part and returning back to the hotel where I was staying, the trip had a surprise in store for me. At some point, my eyes were captivated by a river that crossed the underground part of the road. Leaving the car aside, I started searching for access to this hidden paradise.

The first thing I noticed when I went down, was the heavy winter landslides. Despite the river had dried up due to the summer conditions, it had created a small lake. The sunset light spread gently under the dense vegetation of the area, thus creating soft lighting. The rocks as well as the fallen leaves from the old plane trees covered by the dust of the landslides created a sense of a forgotten landscape in time which simultaneously gave me the feeling that despite the chaotic scenery, everything looked harmonious with each other.

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