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The Sea & The Salt

Camila del Castillo

Camila del Castillo

I'm Camila a Bolivian-Croatian photographer and visual artist based in Barcelona. I absolutely love landscape, I feel that when I capture a moment im actually taking a self portrait of me but Im not physically in the picture.


My portfolio is a collection of photos taken throughout the years in different countries. I tend to travel a lot, which essentially inspires me to create and eventually ended up finding my very own perception of each landscape I visit.

For The Sea & The Salt I chose 4 different photos with 4 different locations:

  • My hometown Bolivia(picture 1)
  • Croatia (picture 2)
  • Greece(picture 3)
  • Portugal(picture 4)

I chose these pictures as a series because the sea is the main theme in my photography work, and even though Bolivia has no ocean or sea, it has the Uyuni Salt Flats, which thousands of years ago it used to be the Atlantic Ocean and at the sea I'm at peace.

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