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Daniel Eek

Daniel Eek

Nature photography has become a lifestyle since a bit more than three years. Trained biologist and active as a consultant helping organisations becoming what they dream of. The photography is the escape where thoughts have time to be processed and where creativity can get a chance to run free. Most of the work is made in a walking distance from my house, in the outskirts of Gothenburg, Sweden. Working locally is something I really like and think is important for my progress.


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I started my journey as a nature photographer a few years ago, at a difficult time in my life. Walking in the woods with a camera was my way to handle the demons chasing me after too much pressure, too long. Since then I have continued with my walks, trying to learn and develop the skill of making pictures. I am fascinated by the trees and how they make me feel at peace with myself. I love their calm beauty and their solid beings. I am drawn to the complex and love to find small parts of the structure in the seemingly chaotic scenes. The woodland chaos is what makes me calm more than anything.

In the past year I have noticed my interest in photographing the woods through the woods. I have a strong tendency of making pictures where something is blocking the view or where the composition is built around a feeling of peeking in on the scene. Maybe it represents my personality deep within, as an onlooker of things around me.

The pictures I have chosen here represents this feeling for me and I hope they will say something to you too.

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