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Trees on 17-Mile Drive

Dipak Chowdhury

Dipak Chowdhury

Photography is a passion that I nurture alongside my day job as a research manager. I have been actively creating images since 2008. All of my work is with a 35mm digital camera. My work requires a lot of travel. I carry my camera if I can make time to go out and make images. Many of my images are from such travels.


While visiting a dear friend in San Jose, California, we decided to visit Monterey Bay Aquarium. On the way back my friend told me that we should visit the "17-Mile Drive" on the cost. 17-Mile Drive is a scenic coastal road through Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove on the Monterey Peninsula in California, much of which hugs the Pacific coastline.  It was a cloudy, damp, and windy day with some visible fog already settling in by late afternoon.

Before going for the 17-Miles Drive, we visited the Lone Cyprus tree that is a classic location. Most of you probably have looked for and photographed a “lone tree” at many locations during your travel. After seeing the Lone Cypress I thought that was all I would be able to make a picture of that day. I was wrong. I live inland. Coastal landscape is a departure from my everyday experience of landscape. Strong and near constant wind on the coastal 17-Mile Drive rendered the Cypress trees near the road with a distinctive directional curve, which gave the trees character.  The cloud, the light, the fog, and the wind made a mysterious but simple scene that I thought would render in monochrome well. Since the "Lone Cypress" is such an iconic location, I am sharing some of the other photos that I was able to make that day.

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