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Christophe Wilmotte

Christophe Wilmotte

Christophe Wilmotte

I am Christophe, originally from Belgium but living in the UK for the last eight years. I started photography as a hobby in 2020, a few week before the first lockdown. I love landscape and outdoor photography. Being in the field is entering another world, an escape from the stressful daily working life. For me, photography is about emotion more than colours.


Christophe Wilmotte 4x4

During the week, I spend my evenings monitoring the weather and doing an online recce on different possible spots. It is clearly sunset season: all the social media sites are saturated ! Instead of putting me off, I took it as a challenge: capturing the sunset in a way that could not be done with a smartphone. What better way to push the creativity and techniques (still very much a learning curve for me).

We had a first attempt on the Saturday evening but the sky stubbornly refused to opened up. Sunday was my last chance as the weather forecast was very dull for the next week...

I decided to leave early enough to take full advantage of the golden hours in Brightlingsea, only a few miles away. I knew that it is very often used by local photographers. Trying to avoid taking the same photo as everyone else was adding to the challenge...

The temperature dropped quickly but I didn't feel it, too busy taking in the scenery and planning the next click. Pushing the f-stop for the sun-star, using the ND filter, getting low, high, left, right... My photoshoot turned almost into a PE session!

The sun was at the rendezvous, setting the sky on fire. That evening, everything seemed to get together. Making a choice between the shots during the post-processing was difficult.

All four photographs give a different view of the same sunset.

Christophe Wilmotte Sunset

Christophe Wilmotte Sunset 2

Christophe Wilmotte Sunset 3

Christophe Wilmotte Sunset 1

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