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Arches – Window to the Universe

Prashant Naik

Prashant Naik

Prashant Naik

I see myself as an artist, a teller of stories and a writer for whom words are nascent but bubbling. My photo art leans towards Mother Nature, the beauty of night, snapshots of travel to exotic places – both on the ground and on Cloud 9. Mother nature has always held me in her sway, and I always look to her to inspire me on my new creative mission. Be it astronomical twilight, or the Milky Way, I'm always looking forward to my next click.


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Visiting Arches National Park in southeast Utah was one of the most thrilling moments of my life. It opened my mind to see the world from a different perspective. In 2019, International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) recognized Arches National Park as an International Dark Sky Park for its quality night skies and commitment to protecting natural light. Most of the park's lighting system is night-sky friendly which is a great deal for star gazing and it also helps restore balance in the natural habitat of nocturnal wildlife.

Arches National Park has some of the most spectacular natural sandstone structures and has the capacity for endless creativity. As they say "The beauty of the natural world is best experienced through the guide of natural light from stars and moon". And there is no better place on Earth than Arches National Park to experience the magical unfolding of the astral world.

The series of images in this portfolio were shot at Double Arch, Turret Arch, and Delicate Arch. Delicate against the forces of nature, yet grandiose in appearance. Watching the world through nature's own window was more captivating than my camera's view-finder.

The view through the natural arch, the rise of the Milk way in the darkest hour of the night illuminating the distant sandstone structure, and the beauty of it all is something otherworldly. Radiant and ecstatic! Such a special cosmic perspective where you can gaze at the sky and reach for the star.

Prashant Naik Delicatearch Midnight Prashant Naik Delicatearch

Prashant Naik Double ArchPrashant Naik Turretarch

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