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Less is More

James Peck

James Peck

James Peck

I am an amateur photographer living in London starting to take my journey with photography further. I have a passion for nature and landscape photography. It gives me another reason to explore and travel when I’m not working.

The images I like to create typically are very dynamic and dramatic. For me there’s nothing more satisfying than chasing a perfect shot. That chase of perfection and the mentality that everything can be improved is what gets me shooting, and what gives me the satisfaction at the end of the day to keep coming back.


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Waters have always been one of my favourite elements to shoot. The feeling of being around calm relaxing waters is special to me, since I live in London there is the ever-present bustling, perhaps this is what makes the outdoors all that more alluring to me.

This black and white collection came together from the Lake District and the South Coast of England. On the days I was there, it was windy, rainy, stormy and generally unpleasant, but I still enjoyed being out there nonetheless. Shooting in such weather makes you look at things differently, lines and textures took the most importance, so finding these shots helped me find another perspective at looking at circumstances. Taking these soft and neutral waters shots during the Covid-19 pandemic eased my mind by meditating on their beauty - the airy texture of mist and water melts into the sky and calmed my spirit as I gaze into these images.

While taking these photos, I imagined them in greyscale, reflective of the mood there. From the tranquillity and the peace of mind it gave me, the weather forced me to look beyond and in a newfound way that made me see more. What that’s taught me is that in photography (a lot of the time) less is more.

I hope to take the viewers on a journey- an introspective restful space of tranquillity and peace. The calming soft waters and compositions invite you into the images where the misty textures of the atmosphere soothe your soul and spirit as this tranquil space did for me.

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