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Obsession With Ice

Randall Romano

Randall Romano

Randall Romano

I have had a long history in photography ranging 40 years, including a part time span as a commercial photographer, while working another full time job and raising four children. In 2012 I got serious about photography and study master photographers, which lead to a four year project of street photography Yet in 2020 during the pandemic I found my way back to nature and landscape photography, where my love for photography began.


Lake In The Shadow (lake Ontario)

The structure of natural Ice is changing and is rarely the same from day today. It is a product of atmospheric conditions such as temperature, rain, snowfall and the flow of water. Its presence when discovered is like a temporary jewel, fragile yet beautiful. Photographing in the winter also has a feel of purity.

Snow and ice simplify landscapes, yet they create subtle and exquisite nuances when combined with the lower light levels. As snow blankets the landscape, ice forms on rivers, lakes, puddles, and the edges of rocks, its temporary presence a challenge to capture. Each photograph made of ice reflects a moment in time and a unique sculpture of elegance. These jewels of the winter have always resonated strongly with me and this series of photographs represents somewhat of an obsession over the years.

Lake In The Shadow (lake Ontario) Lake In The Shadow (lake Ontario)

Howling Ice

Randall Romano Amongst The Flow

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