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Surrey Landscapes

Nick Oakley

Creative Couple Finals

Nick Oakley

Nick Oakley is a professional landscape photographer whose approach to photography is in making images that share the uplifting spirit and emotional layers that nature provides. He gained a love of the natural world from a childhood spent in the countryside, and combining that passion with photography offers a perfect blend of immersion in the quiet outdoor spaces and a place for creative expression. Nick is a keen advocate for seeing work in its printed form.


Autumn Calm

With Surrey Landscapes, I wanted to challenge the perception that this county in southeast England is over-developed commuter belt with few distinctive qualities compared to some of the more glamourous counties. Whilst it boasts panoramic outlooks from the Chalk and Greensand ridges, extensive areas of heath, farm and woodland and several waterways, the scenic highlights can also be both subtle and transient in nature. With a quarter of the landscape covered in trees, the county does not give up its secrets readily.

For those willing to explore a bit further there are many stunning areas that really shine through the changing moods of the seasons. This selection of images, taken from my Surrey Landscapes book, shows that the county has much to offer anyone who enjoys the countryside and nature.

Emerald Echo Early Glow Dawn Autumn Calm

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