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End Frame: Crossed Aspens and Sapling, near Ashcroft, Colorado By John Sexton

Ed Hannam chooses one of his favourite images

Ed Hannam 1

Ed Hannam

Born in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, in 1949 I label myself as a ‘Landscape Photographer’ but in truth will make images of any subject or genre that catches my eye. Working(?) with digital and both medium and large format film cameras, I eventually realised that I wasn’t going to be Joe Cornish, David Ward, Ansel Adams or any other accomplished photographer and would have to be satisfied with being myself.

‘Desert Island Discs’ is a long running BBC Radio 4 series that was first broadcast on what was then the BBC Forces Programme on the 29th January 1942, with its first guest being Vic Oliver, actor and radio comedian. The format of the show for those who aren’t familiar with British radio is that people who have made a name for themselves in whatever field, (I hesitate to use the word ‘celebrity) are invited to imagine that they have been cast away on a desert island, choose eight records that summarise their lives, and take with them one luxury item, three books which may include The Complete Works of Shakespeare (that’s one book?), the Holy Bible or similar, and one other book.

So, what book would my choice be? Well, from my rather expansive photographic library, it would be “Listen to the Trees” by John Sexton, and if I had to tear one page from that book it would be Plate no.26, “Crossed Aspens and Sapling, near Ashcroft, Colorado”.

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