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Lines on Snow

Dipak Chowdhury

Dipak Chowdhury

Photography is a passion that I nurture alongside my day job as a research manager. I have been actively creating images since 2008. All of my work is with a 35mm digital camera. My work requires a lot of travel. I carry my camera if I can make time to go out and make images. Many of my images are from such travels.


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On a January morning, waking up I saw the ground around my home covered with 30cm of pristine white snow. Nothing unusual about the January scene in front of me, given I live in Northern US. The day was gloomy and no sun to be seen. However, as I was looking out the window, I could not help but notice the strange and beautiful lines on snow made by bare shrub branches of small Green Ash and Queen Anne's lace which were peeking out of the snow.

Woodland around my home is mostly Hemlock and various pines. In between, there are some Maple, Oak, and Ash. In Fall Maple and Oaks play a key role in painting the landscape in orange, yellow, and, if you are lucky, bright red. In January none of that is to be seen. But on this January morning, the subdued light with bright white background of fresh snow, the bare and fractal like branches echoed the calm and contemplative atmosphere perfectly.

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