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Richard Martin – Portrait of a Photographer

Transforming the literal to the imagined

Matt Payne

Matt Payne

Matt Payne is a landscape photographer and mountain climber from Durango, Colorado. He’s the host of the weekly landscape photography podcast, “F-Stop Collaborate and Listen,” co-founder of the Nature First Photography Alliance, and co-founder of the Natural Landscape Photography Awards. He lives with his wife, Angela, his son Quinn, and his four cats, Juju, Chara, Arrow, and Vestal.


Richardmartin Dsc0150

Landscape and nature photography takes on many forms, from literal translations of moments of dramatic weather, incredible light, and grandiose views - to artistic interpretations of quieter, more contemplative scenes and photos that transform the literal into something imaginative. Additionally, I personally believe it to be possible for photographs to occupy all or none of these forms simultaneously; however, lately, I strongly find myself gravitating more towards work that can use literal form as a base while transmuting it into something requiring imagination, contemplation, and use of metaphor to create and appreciate.

To best describe how Richard creates such unique nature photography, imagine combining the analytical qualities of an architect with the artistic sensibilities of a painter.
It is no surprise then that I have found myself enjoying the work of photographer Richard Martin, whose photos are always engaging, thought-provoking, and unique. Richard is proof that literal forms of nature can be used artistically to express ideas, feelings, and emotions.

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