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End frame: Dukan Lake, 1974 Kurdistan Region, Iraq by Bruno Barbey

John Maillard  chooses one of his favourite images

John Maillard

John Maillard has exhibited in galleries around New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom for over three decades. He considers himself an experimenter with printmaking, drawing, interactive digital media and photography. He is primarily a landscape photographer.


It's tough to pin down one landscape you want to write about.
My mind goes back to one of my favourite books, by Magnum, titled "Magnum landscapes".

I found it in a bookshop in 1998 even though I was broke I bought it, love at first sight.  I realise that this book has deeply influenced me. I can almost see a little bit of my photography in every photograph in the book, inspiring me and moving me.

My images of people, my rendering of landscape, the way I look at colour, the way I look at light. Even some of the quotes in the book seem to be part of me and my ideas.  There are photographs from all the greats of Magnum, even Martin Parr, who visited to share his work when I was an innocent art student in Surrey. This book inspired me to study photography as a postgraduate student with Paul Hill that year.

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