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Celebration of Spring on the River Dart

Mark Burley

Mark Burley

Mark Burley

I currently live in Ashburton, on the edge of Dartmoor, Devon. My studio is based at the Sherewood Photography Gallery, Ashburton.

I prefer to shoot landscapes but also enjoy making images on the street and taking shots of musicians performing live. Having moved to Dartmoor five years ago, I really enjoy shooting on both high and low moors together with the river Dart and its tributaries.


Mark Burley 4x4

This series of four images were taken on a stretch of the River Dart in Spring 2021. This particular part of the river is lined with beech trees and has a stretch of both whitewater and long deep glides. The hues of the fresh beech leaves created some tremendous reflections in a vibrant lime green, which summarised Spring for me instantly.

The whitewater rapids run through swathes of limestone and slate, and fallen trees get trapped in the flow and are pushed up onto the stone creating images (that inspire me) of both decay and wild water simultaneously.

Mark Burley Spring Flow

Spring Flow is about the combination of moss covered wood and fast flowing water.

Mark Burley Morning Reflection

Morning Reflection was my second interpretation of stillness, reflecting on the power of nature.

Mark Burley Downstream

Downstream is a straight study of the fresh leaves above the river, just before the start of the whitewater.

Mark Burley The Colour Of Spring

The colour of Spring is all about the sheer exuberance of that gorgeous colour, combined with water-worn stone.

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