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Radu Patrascu

Radu Patrascu

Radu Patrascu

Permanently on the lookout for those details of landscapes that offer me a sense of connection with nature, sequences that I strive to capture in a minimalist but expressive manner.


Radu Patrascu 4x4

Winter offers a series of photographic opportunities that are extremely specific in comparison to other seasons. Abstract, simple, graphic images are the ones that attract me the most during winter photography, as the textures, shapes, light and tones nature offers to make for an exquisite subject in terms of visual characteristics.

This set of images is an excellent example of the diversity snow presents in an abstract photographic approach, each with a different visual geometry and distinct feel concerning the nature and direction of light, yet keeping the unity of the ensemble in terms of the sensation they give of cold, frozen, almost mystical fragments of nature.

Radu Patrascu 4x4 Frozen (1)

Radu Patrascu 4x4 Frozen (2)

Radu Patrascu 4x4 Frozen (3)

Radu Patrascu 4x4 Frozen (4)

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