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Sea Scapes in South Africa

Des Kleineibst

Des Kleineibst

Des Kleineibst

I am a photographic artist living in Sedgefield on the Garden Route, South Africa.

I have spent the past 40+ years honing my craft specialising in Automotive Photography for the Advertising Industry, leading to numerous local and international awards.

In between my commercial assignments,I have always photographed seascapes, landscapes, textures and abstracts for my personal pleasure.


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I have always loved the sea; having lived near the sea most of my life and being a keen deep-sea and rock and surf angler, the shoreline is my happy place.

I love the light at the coast, it is always different and generally unpolluted. I love cloudy skies; the cloudier, the better.

A Photographers Paradise was shot where I live in Sedgefield on the East coast, 450 km from Cape Town. The river mouth is 10 minutes drive from my home and looks west into the sunset, so it is always back / side lit at sunset. I had finished shooting my sunset and was about to pack my camera away when the Heron Bird flew into the shot and landed exactly where I would have placed it and stayed there for a few minutes. Shot on Canon 5DsR.

Drift Wood at Stormy Sunset was shot at Buffels Bay, about 20 minutes from my home. Shot on my Hasselblad H4D40 as the wave receded with a 0.7 second exposure to capture movement in the waves. I placed my tripod in the wet sand with their Manfrotto Snow Shoes attached, which are so useful when shooting so near the water.

Harbour Wall was shot at Velddrif, Port Owen on the West Coast, 150km from Cape Town. I shot it at sunset on my Canon 5dmk2 with a 2 minute exposure (thanks Lee Big Stopper) to smooth the sea and streak the clouds back-lit.

Moonset at Robberg was shot at Robberg Nature Reserve, Plettenberg Bay, 100 km away from my home. I planned the shoot many months before as I had to book the single shack inside the reserve to stay overnight to be able to get to the location before sunrise. I shot it at the full moon as it was setting and the sun was coming up behind me. Fortunately, the weather played ball as I needed a clear sky (for a change). Shot on my Canon 5DsR.

A Photographers Paradise Des Kleineibst

A Photographers Paradise

Drift Wood At Stormy Sunset Des Kleineibst

Drift Wood At Stormy Sunset

Harbour Wall Des Kleineibst

Harbour Wall

Moonset At Robberg Des Kleineibst

Moonset at Robberg

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