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Texas Water

Eric Sweeney

Eric Sweeney

Eric Sweeney

I have been exploring Texas with my camera for the last 25 years. Living in the Dallas area, I love to head out to the wide-open spaces and dark skies of West Texas. It's a land of canyons & cactus, cattle & cotton - a huge and varied landscape. I try to capture the spirit of the place, and I hope to keep trying for 25 more years!


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For most of the history of Texas, surface water has been rare. However, huge underground aquifers cover 80% of the state. Windmills drive the pumps that bring the water up for the crops and the cattle.

The windmills you see today look a lot like they did 150 years ago, and they're as much a part of the landscape as prickly pear cactus and barbed-wire fences. These four are in four different parts of Texas: South Texas, Hill Country, The Panhandle, and Big Bend Country.

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