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Alfredo Mora

Alfredo Mora

Alfred Mora

I am a nature photographer based out of Denver, Colorado, working full time as an Information Technology (IT) professional supporting the United States Space Program. My goal is to create expressive images that reflect my artistic voice. To record something that the human eye cannot easily detect. To freeze a moment in time. To piece together visual elements in a cohesive way with purpose. To reveal a bit of myself and how I see the natural world


Alfredo Mora 4x4

Childlike curiosity and exploration are key drivers of my photography. These four images are part of my photo montage series, which focuses on an explore, experiment, and play approach to crafting images. I use a hybrid method in creating multiple exposure images by capturing images in the field and then combining them in the digital darkroom. Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) is often used to give the final image an ethereal quality.

Scenes of trees (often aspens) found in my local Colorado woodlands help anchor each image. Seasons are represented but also the natural elements, including water, earth, wind, and fire. The images help communicate messages of the destruction of our natural world, of regeneration and hope, and of dreaminess and tranquillity. By combining images in this way, I have the creative freedom to express myself and unlock my imagination in new ways. This series has been a wonderful project to work on as it helps challenge me creatively. I look forward to expanding it in the seasons to come.

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