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Photographing the Ephemeral

Haydee Yordan

Haydee Yordan

Haydee Yordan

Haydee Yordan, contemporary artist expressing herself via the photographic medium, was born and educated in Puerto Rico. Studied Montessori Education in Italy, lived in UK and has had the opportunity of traveling and tasting other cultures.

Her main interests have been education and her photography projects. Was highly influenced by her young students’ vivid imaginations. She adds: “As all of us, I am a product of all the experiences I carry with me in my life’s suitcase.”


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This portfolio, “Photographing the ephemeral”, is about the light reflections emitted by glass. The images show forms, patterns and colours that are constantly changing and have a very short duration. The glass reflections are ephemeral forms that offer the photographer very little time for tripod planning and composition.

For me, details have always had a magnetic attraction. They have stressed the notion that the small parts form the whole, the same way the points form the line. From then on, I searched everywhere for details in all kinds of glasses: dark, clear, curvaceous, small, large, rough and smooth.

My interest in details explains my commitment to developing a photographic language that responds more to my intuition and imagination than to what I see with my eyes… all that is hidden, difficult to see… the ephemeral, which we often miss, but the camera can capture.

I published a recent bilingual photo book on this theme titled “Intimate experiences - Photography of the ephemeral”, where I include texts about my experiences and feelings when encountering ephemeral subjects and about my creative process.

I confess I became obsessed with the magic and versatility of all that is ephemeral around us.

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