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Sentinels of Tower Grove

Nick Becker

Nick Becker

Nick Becker is a nature photographer and outdoor enthusiast based in St. Louis, Missouri.


Nick Becker 4x4

Last year, over the course of several weeks as summer yielded to autumn, I brought my camera with me on strolls with my wife and dogs at Tower Grove Park, a local park in St. Louis, Missouri. Ever since my first visit, the park’s diverse and characterful trees (about 7000 trees, spanning approximately 340 tree types) have captivated my imagination. When I began playing with some compositions, I became further entranced by their details, from the texture of their bark to their glowing leaves overhead. The personality of each tree slowly began to come into focus.

These four images represent only a small part of a portfolio I hope to continue growing for as long as I live near Tower Grove.

Becker 4x4 1 Becker 4x4 2 Becker 4x4 3 Becker 4x4 4

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