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4 Days in Sutherland

Graham Meek

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Graham Meek

I'm a hobby photographer with a passion for travel and the natural landscape. I exclusively use a large format field camera and 4x5 film for my landscape photography in the UK. My first tentative steps in this field were taken back in 2013 after an introductory course with Tim Parkin and Dav Thomas and much internet reading thereafter! Although a motivation was to get off the merry-go-round of "upgrading" digital kit when I first started out, I've really come to enjoy the absolute simplicity of this system and the lack of instant results.


Graham Meek 4x4

Sutherland is an ironic name. It's origins lie in Old Norse, with it being the land south of Scandinavia and the Norse colonies of Shetland and Orkney. Sutherland is around as far north as you can in mainland UK and as different as you could imagine from the flatlands of East Anglia, where I live. Early in my adventure with a large format camera and film I took myself to Sutherland for four days to immerse myself in photography and suffer the joys of a midsummer sunrise so far north. These are four favourite images from that trip and they persuaded me to continue on my journey using the not so new technology.

Droman Pier Looking North Droman Pier To Ben Stack Beached Trees Oldshoremore Morning

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