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Autumn Groundscapes

Peter Conway

Peter Conway

Peter Conway

I am a photographer based in Evanston, Illinois, just north of Chicago. I photograph for a very simple reason – to celebrate the beauty found in the world, primarily in nature.


Peter Conway 4x4

This set of images illustrates the interplay between water – both solid and liquid – and leaves – on, above, and below the surface of the water. Covering early autumn to early winter, they highlight the gestures and contrasts found in nature as one season transitions to the next.

These images are a subset of a larger collection I refer to as "groundscapes". They represent an evolution in the subjects which have resonated with me over time – from the grand landscape to intimate landscapes and, finally, more abstract landscapes. As my interest in the abstract has evolved, I've found that I increasingly point my camera "down" at the earth, rather than "out" at the earth, as there are entire worlds, literally at our feet.

Autumn Ice Autumn Reflections 5 Early Autumn Stream Leaves On Pond

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