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Landscape Narratives

A joint exhibition of fine art photographs

Ruth Grindrod

Ruth Grindrod is a landscape photographer living in Norfolk in the UK.  I   like to  work in a variety of landscapes but favour sea and  coastal  photography.  I  believes that the end product in photography is a quality  print and this is what I  strive to produce   for My work has been published both in the UK and abroad.  


‘Landscape Narratives’ is a series of visual conversations taking place between colour, shape and texture. All three of these elements can be found in landscapes from the broad flatlands or rolling gentle hills to mountainous regions and anywhere in between. It is a journey of discovery which seizes the eye and especially the imagination of the photographer, the painter and the visitor to the exhibition. Ruth Grindrod and Caroline Evans both live in Norfolk and are passionate about the landscape both near and further afield.

Ruth’s photographs are deliberately diverse in style as she tries to capture the essence of the landscape or area in which she is working. Her passion is coastal locations and seascapes, where she uses neutral density filters as part of her style.

Ruth comments, ‘When printing your work, the attention to composition, colour, tones and textures and particular nuances becomes imperative. And that’s before you even press print! Many landscape photographers now are choosing not to print due to costs and the overwhelming domination of social media, but it is a skill which creates great enjoyment and which I feel serious photographers should acquire.

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Breakthrough Light, Ruth Grindrod

Howick Boulders, Ruth Grindrod

Howick Boulders, Ruth Grindrod

Caroline works with mixed media, often adopting an abstract approach to her work. Much of her work is on a larger scale. Caroline and Ruth have collaborated previously and agree that in doing so, each benefit from the other’s perspective and from seeing how different mediums can be used to showcase aspects of the landscape, emphasising colour or tone, shape or texture.

Autumn Mountain, Caroline Evans

Autumn Mountain, Caroline Evans

Reeds, Caroline Evans

Reeds, Caroline Evans

Their choice to exhibit in the current economic climate was understandably not an easy one, but both agree that exhibiting physical images- photographs or paintings refines their individual creativity, develops collaborative creativity and encourages them to hone their skills.

They were also privileged to be offered The Crypt Gallery space on the grounds of Norwich Cathedral, which is a prestigious and atmospheric setting which creates a unique ambience.

The focus on landscape evident throughout the exhibition reveals the artists’ passion for, as well as their concern for, the environment in the face of environmental change. They believe that it has never been so important to celebrate the uniqueness of the world’s landscape and to appreciate this so people are empowered to respect, protect and also enjoy being out in it. They hope that this will be one outcome of their exhibition.

Ruth and Caroline welcome everyone to their exhibition to look, to enjoy, to talk and maybe to buy.

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Joint Exhibition by Ruth Grindrod and Caroline Evans

Runs from 30/5/23 until 10/6/23. 10 am-5pm.

Closed Sunday for a Private view on 3rd June 1-4 pm. All welcome.

The Crypt Gallery,
The Close,

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