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Maurizio Catania

Maurizio Catania

Maurizio Catania

I started my career as a photographer for e-commerce websites, corporate social networks and photos for commercial uses.

I spent every weekend taking photographs of landscapes, urban life and mainly photographs that portray seaside towns. Only after a year of experience in the field did I reach some important goals, starting collaborations with cultural associations, municipalities of various cities, restaurants, private beaches and bathing establishments.


Maurizio Catania 4x4

Top Left: The Trabucco is an ancient fishing machine typical of the Italian coasts used for collecting fish through nets.

Top Right: The windmills of the Saline di Trapani were used for the extraction of sea salt in large tanks filled with seawater.

Bottom Right: The Porto Canale di Cervia is located in the Adriatic Riviera Romagnola, is considered one of the most beautiful cities of the Riviera and is known as the city of fishermen.

Bottom left: The Pepoli Castle of the medieval city of Erice in the province of Trapani (Sicily) is also known as Torretta (small tower) Pepoli a not very ancient structure dating back to 1.850 belonging to Count Agostino Pepoli, hence the name Torretta Pepoli.

5 Trabucco

2 Mulino Di Trapani

3 Castello Pepoli

4 Cervia Seaport

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