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Celestial Mountains

Emilie Crittin

Emilie Crittin

Emilie Crittin

Photographer based in Switzerland, my artistic approach is anchored in inner transition, the art of connectedness to oneself, to others (humans and more-than-humans), and to All Life. I live my photography practice as a spiritual, immersive, intuitive and mindful experience. My wish is for my photography to awaken the viewer’s imagination and sense of wonder, opening them to the magic and mystery of All Life. I mainly take pictures of the natural environment with which I have a deep bond, especially with mountains and with the mineral world.


Emilie Crittin 4x4

Upside down mountains from the Swiss Alps offer access to a whole new and surreal world; welcome and enjoy the journey into the celestial mountains.

Ecrittin 04 Bottom Right

Ecrittin 03 Bottom Left

Ecrittin 02 Top Right

Ecrittin 01 Top Left

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