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Seagrass Abstractions

Robert Hecht

Robert Hecht

Robert Hecht

I’m a U.S. photographer, and the medium has been my primary creative outlet for well over fifty years now. I began as a landscape photographer and have explored other aspects of photography as well, but I always come back to the landscape. It is my greatest source of nourishment, peace and inspiration.


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A four-mile sand spit is the defining feature of a unique park on the Pacific coast at Manzanita, Oregon. Nehalem Bay State Park is a place of many wonders, where the sand spit separates the ocean on one side from the bay on the other. The bay has been formed by the confluence of the beautiful Nehalem River with the Pacific. For a number of years, it has been a favourite place of mine for walking, photographing and, in general, contemplating the wonders of the natural world.

At low tide on the bay side, one can often see bits of seagrass, and I have been fascinated by the swirling patterns created by the receding tides, forming one of a kind designs while seeming to freeze the grasses in motion—that is, until the tide comes in again. For me, these ‘artistic’ grass patterns prove that Nature really is the consummate artist. The rest of us merely copy.

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