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Arctic Norway

Teddy Sugrue

Teddy Sugrue

Teddy Sugrue

I am a landscape photographer based in Ireland, and I love to combine my passion for landscape photography with travelling to other countries. Each country has its own unique landscape and I always strive to capture that landscape in a way that evokes emotion when the viewer looks at the image.


Teddy Sugrue 4x4

I travelled to Norway in January 2023, where I visited Senja, Sommaroy, and Lofoten. The winter weather in Norway in January can be quite extreme, but the scenery is absolutely outstanding, and once you go well-prepared with the proper clothing and footwear and, of course, extra batteries, you can be guaranteed that you will come back home with some stunning images. The days at this time of the year are very short, with sunrise around 9 am and sunset around 4 pm, but the dawn and dusk light can often last for up to two hours each. The low diffused light remains pretty constant for the rest of the day, and at night, of course, there are plenty of opportunities to capture the Aurora Borealis.

Night Time Aurora

Norwegian Church

Reine Winter Morning

Tromsdalen Lake Dusk

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