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The British Coast

Manuel Sechi

Manuel Sechi

Manuel Sechi

I am an Italian photographer currently based in England, fuelled by a profound passion for capturing the essence of landscapes. While my love for landscape photography runs deep, I primarily identify as a documentary photographer, dedicated to showcasing the dynamic interaction between humans and their surrounding environments. Through my lens, I am driven to create thought-provoking images that illuminate the intricate relationship between people and the natural world.


Brightlingsea, Essex, Uk, October 2020

In my project, 'The British Coast', I aim to embrace the notion that beauty can be discovered even in seemingly ordinary seascapes. The project's objective is to unveil the captivating charm of the United Kingdom's coastal regions (Essex, mainly), exposing the hidden magic that lies within them.

By employing the long exposure technique, I purposefully reduce any distractions within each scene, allowing the viewer to focus on the picture's subject and fully engage with its essence. This technique seamlessly merges the passage of time, smoothing the waves, blurring the movement of clouds, and capturing the essence of the coastal environment in a captivating and mesmersing way.

These seascapes showcase the dynamic interplay between land, sea, and sky, portraying the constant dance of waves, tides, and atmospheric elements. By immersing viewers in these captivating scenes, I invite them to witness the timeless beauty and profound serenity that the British coast has to offer.

Dovercourt, Essex, September 2020

The outer Dovercourt lighthouse in Dovercourt news Harwich, Essex.

Languard Fort, Felixstowe, Suffolk, October 2020

The beach is close to the Languand Fort in the port of Felixstowe.

Osea Beach, Maldon, Essex, Uk, July 2022

Beach hut at Osea's beach near Maldon, Essex.

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