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Adam Fortune

Adam Fortune

Adam Fortune

I am an enthusiast landscape photographer based in the South East of England. Wherever I travel, my camera comes with me on the off chance it makes it out of the bag. I love to explore familiar and unfamiliar locations and try to make photographs which tell the stories I see in the landscape.


Adam Fortune 4x4

I started making more abstract landscape images in 2021. National lockdown rules confined me to my local park. The few vistas it has were always (and understandably) well populated. That, combined with a period of deep introspection, prompted me to start looking more closely at the trees.

The more I looked, the more I could see things that I had not seen before. Forms in the trees dug up memories, stories and significances. It was such fun. Abstraction is now a concept I play with on a regular basis. I found these four on a recent trip to that same park where it all began (with profound thanks to Joe Cornish for inspiring “Wisdom”, in particular, with his recent collection, Inner World).

Reclining Scream Tears Wisdom

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