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Fragile Paradise

Jens Rosbach

Photographer Jens Rosbach

Jens Rosbach

Jens Rosbach is a photographer and journalist living in Germany (Berlin). He focuses on artistic landscape photography and his work has won international photography awards.


Arctic Sound

As polar landscapes, white, black, and blue colors are dominant, and many motifs are also characterized by monochrome simplicity. Minimalism lets vacancies arise, which offers a range for the imagination. In the cool aesthetics of the images, however, melancholy resonates because the ice worlds at the north and south poles are sensitive and vulnerable. What once was considered “eternal” is gradually disappearing due to climate change. I strive to capture these fragile, polar landscapes with my camera. This series presents photographs from the Arctic and Antarctic.

Black Ice

Reflection of melting iceberg. East Greenland, Sermiliq Fjord.

Arctic Sound

East Greenland, Sermilik Fjord.

Cold Composition

West Antarctica, Amundsen Sea: a minimal composition of huge icebergs.

Polar Mood

West Antarctica

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