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End frame: Incoming by Andy Bell

David Baker chooses one of his favourite images

David Baker

My work is showcased on my long standing photoblog: milouvision.com. I am interested in the sea, the forest and common ground. I have exhibited widely with solo and collaborative shows with photographers and other artists.


First, there is the sound. The muffled roar perhaps or the muted clatter of stones knocking together or the swoosh against shingle or sand. You hear the high call of gulls; you feel the wind running through the dune grass as you approach. Now you see the expanse of beach, the strand line, the horizon, the sky. How is the sea today? Crashing and wild, or sublime and smooth, or perhaps any one of the infinite variations?

This is my approach towards Incoming by Andy Bell.

I have known Andy for many years initially via the then vibrant photoblog community and later as great friend and trip companion. Andy’s work is often (self) described as near abstract and with Incoming, waves turn into near abstract forms. The use of colour and tone directly leads to evocation of the sea founded on his inventive treatment of the photographic form.

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