About Richard Childs

Richard trained as an Orchestral Percussionist in the 1980's but his true love has always been the outdoors and particularly mountain environments. Throwing in his drumsticks to become a full-time photographer in 2004 he continues to work with a large format camera alongside digital equipment and exhibits his work in solo and group exhibitions as well as at his own gallery in the Ironbridge Gorge. Links to Website and Facebook

Faroese Visions

Large Format Lenses – The Standards

Large Format Camera Accessories

Camera Types for Large Format Photography

An Introduction to Large Format Photography

Foreground First

The Art of Practice

Looking back, looking forward

A Field, A Lane, A Wood

The Art of Discovery

Rubbish Light

This month I’ve been mostly photographing old stuff…

Hindsight – Scotland

Tools of the Trade

Full Time Photographer, A Pipe Dream?

Secret Affair

Reflections on Autumn

Winds of Change, Windows of Opportunity