About Rafael Rojas

Following a career as an engineer, researcher and university lecturer he made a dramatic change of career as a nature and landscape photographer, his true passion and vocation. Today, he travels extensively in search of those fleeting moments when light and land combine to create something very special. His work has been awarded in many international photography competitions, including the prestigious Master Hasselblad Award, several First Prizes in the International Photography Awards (USA), Px3 Prix de la Photographie de Paris and Px3 People's Choice (France), Nature’s Best (USA), International Conservation Awards (USA),


Time and Photography

The Photo Book

The Collaborative Photographer

Limitations and constraints in photography

Ethics in photography

Liquid photography

The Label

Creation vs. Production

On Exhibitions

Sharp but not Sharper

The Making of Time

Beyond the Spectacular

Saturation by Saturation

Cooking up a Classic

Oriental Philosophy & Photography