Andrea Celli

About Andrea Celli

Since I was a child I have had the passion and the privilege of being in contact with Nature. The summers spent in the Apennine woods with my grandparents first and with the CAI (Italian Alpine Club) afterwards have left an indelible mark on my soul. The arrival of the photographic passion during my university studies allowed me to weld this union.

Speaking of my photography, I like to call myself a detail-oriented landscape photographer. This is how I interpret my photography, trying to pay attention to the little things before I even immerse myself in bigger scenarios. I started this journey in 2012, starting from the classic Tuscan views spending first years shooting landscapes especially around Europe.

For some years I have been dedicating myself to a more intimate and conscious photography, taken few kilometers from home, mainly concentrated on the central Apennines, far from the crowded photographic circuits and the iconic spots of which Italian territory is abundantly rich. I believe in a more personal and authorial photography

Andrea Celli

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