About Kimberly Schneider

Kimberly Schneider was born in Chicago, in 1977. As a teen, she was always taking photos, but it wasn't until she started working for a photographer in 1999, that she decided to make photography a career choice. She graduated from Colorado State University in 2002, with a BFA in photography (and minor in philosophy).

Kimberly lives and breathes photography and handmade printing. While she is based in New York City, she is working towards her dream of being bi-coastal.

Her work has been exhibited at many galleries and related venues, including: The Camera Obscura Gallery, Viewpoint Gallery, San Diego Art Institute ("Museum of the Living Artist"), Scott Nichols Gallery, Art Intersection, and Gallery Revival - among others. She currently has work in the Light Sensitive exhibition at Art Intersection.

Kimberly’s work received an Rfotofolio Choice Award, via the INPrint Competition in 2016, Honorable Mention via The Moscow International Foto Awards in 2014, and an Award of Merit from the International Fine Art Photography Competition in 2012. Her work was also selected for the Fifth Annual Exposure Award via See Me in 2015; as a result, her work was included in both the resulting Nature book, as well as exhibited, via digital display, during the awards presentation, at the Louvre.


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