About Toby Deveson

Toby has been taking – and printing – black-and-white photographs since 1989, always using an old Nikkormat and the same 24mm lens he ‘borrowed’ from his father more than 20 years ago. His images are never cropped, but are framed instinctively at the time of taking. They are then brought to life with a pinch of magic – and luck – expertly secreted within the science and chemicals of the darkroom. Whether he is photographing landscapes or people, Toby approaches his work in the same way, moving through his environment surprisingly quickly. Always watching and absorbing, constantly experimenting with framing and composition. Toby has an ability to depict the world that goes beyond the literal representation that we have come to expect from photography. His images suggest myths and magic beyond their four corners, challenging the viewer to see the world, and the medium, in a different way.


West of the Sun