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Ansel Adams Landscape Photography Exhibition – From Mountains to the Sea


Don't forget to visit the National Maritime Museum before 28th April 2013, for a chance to see over 100 original prints from this master of landscape photography.

A chance to see his art from a fascinating new angle, for those of you who have not seen Ansel Adam's work you are sure to be inspired and moved by these elemental images.


  • danfascia

    The Ansel exhibition is beautifully laid out in a very large gallery space in this fine museum in Greenwich. There is a vast mix of formats of work from his very small contact prints from his Box Brownies right through to his wall projected gigantic works for the National Trust.

    There is also a slightly disappointing video projection which is just excerpts from a number of documentaries, but nothing like as comprehensive as the one on show in the Ansel Adams gallery in Yosemite.

    One thing that struck me is just how much black there is in most of Ansels later works. He really worked the negatives hard in the darkroom, creating extreme contrast. I can see the imminent review of this exhibition re-igniting the manipulation discussions we have had before, since Ansel basically took pre-digital manipulation to an extreme.

  • Joe Rainbow

    I take it you don’t mean the National Maritime Museum in Cornwall though! Wish it was there, much closer for me.

  • Jeremy Moore

    It’s an interesting angle on the state of photography today that a major retrospecive on one of the fathers of landscape photography should be shown at the National Maritime Museum in an one of the outer suburbs of London. (no disrespect to the NMG or Greenwich intended…..)

    Should we be expecting a review from Tim of the content?

  • Carlo Didier

    Ah, I’d love to see that exhibition! Even though it’s nearer then Yosemite for me (from Luxembourg), it’s still a bit expensive to make a trip just for that. Maybe I’d be able to combine the visit with something else. I’ve always love Ansel Adams’ work.

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