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Landscape Photography – Christmas Book List


What is on your Christmas present book list?

We know there will be plenty of books (because there always are) so tell us which ones you would like to find in your Christmas stocking?


Or under the tree if the weight of books will make the stocking pull the mantelpiece down...

Email us your suggestions

  • kevin-allan

    At the moment I fancy “Tir a’Mhurain”, Paul Strand’s work from South Uist

    • Me too!
      And non-book: I would like Fuji to change their mind on 4×5 Velvia 50…

      • Jennifer Ward

        Hmmm, might have to work on Fuji…

  • denisbalibouse

    Magnum contact sheets Book

    • David Higgs

      I got this cheap off Amazon, it’s a great book! The contacts are actually really reassuring, you see some great pictures and realise that most photographers work a scene to get that iconic shot – only a few were ‘one shot’ wonders.

  • milouvision

    Eliot Porter: In the Realm of Nature
    David Wilson: Wales A Photographer’s Journey
    Joel Sternfeld: American Prospects
    Jan Tove: Silent Landscape
    Jem Southam: The River Winter

  • rhinog

    Zebrato: Michael Levin
    Images of the seventh day 1974-2009 : Michael Kenna

  • Top of the list Jem Southam’s The River Winter. Jem showed me early contact prints from this new work last year and the images are exquisite. I hope to be interviewing Jem sometime in the next few months about his work

  • Jon Tainton

    ‘A Camera in the Hills: The Life and Work of W.A. Poucher’ – Roly Smith
    ‘A Camera in the Cairngorms’ – W.A. Poucher
    ‘The Periglaciation of Great Britain’ – Colin K. Ballantyne, Charles Harris

  • Flyby34

    – Bruce Percy – A Journal of Nocturnes
    – Frans Lanting – Life
    – Peter Jarver – A Life’s Work 1953-2003

  • aperier

    – Daniel Naudé — Animal Farm
    – Pentti Sammallahti — Ici au loin

  • davidlangan

    Jeffrey Conley – Winter

  • akandreios

    I have pre-ordered a book by Alberto Bregani – Dentro e fuori le cime – black and white film photography from the Dolomites. But I hope to add the Pentti Sammallahti book as well.

  • marschp

    Dan Winters : America, Icons and Ingenuity
    Dan Winters : Last Launch
    Happy Christmas to all at ‘on landscape’, and readers.

    • Jennifer Ward

      Thanks Paul, hope you have a fabbydoo Christmas too. Jen

  • David Higgs

    Listen to the Trees – Sexton
    I love trees…

  • Simon Miles

    Eliot Porter: In the Realm of Nature (Hardcover) Paul Martineau.

    • marschp

      I bought this at the Photographers Gallery recently, its fantastic.

  • Monty Trent

    1/50 second Shades of Grey?

    • Monty Trent

      More seriously, ‘Photographs 1955-2010’ John Blakemore, Andre Kertesz Jeu de Paume exhibition catalogue (Frizot/Wanaverbecq), Richard Mizrach ‘Golden Gate’, Frederic Brenner ‘Diaspora’.

  • LShepherd

    Johsel Namkung – A Retrospective. Though I heard back from the publishers too late to try and persuade my husband this was a good idea! ;-(

  • Nigel

    Prompted by this list I now have
    Here, far away – Pentti Sammallahti
    In the realm of nature – Eliot Porter.

    I also have
    Arc and line – Charlie Waite.

    Each of them is proving to be a delight and I can recommend them all.

    I am looking forward to the publication Jan Tove’s Silent Landscape, the printing of which has been delayed.

  • Hans Strand

    The new book by Chris Bell “The Tarkine”. Simply fantastic !

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