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Launch of Flickr Group


TFlickr Landscape Photography Groupoday we have launched our Flickr group for OnLandscape readers to share and comment on photographs. Please do join the group and start uploading your Spring photos!

  • Just had a look at the flickr group and while new to flickr – just joined – (so may not know what I am talking about) its still stuck on ‘Spring’! I like the idea of a OnLandscape group but perhaps it needs regular input from OnLandscape to keep it moving along and up to date.

  • digital_davem

    Just discovered this myself. And it has led to a bit of self reflection about what I like in photography. After browsing all these (many excellent) photos, I think I’m clear about a few things:

    – I like simplicity.

    – I prefer the mono over the colour

    – Single colour colour over garish colour

    – I like clean, uncluttered compositions

    – I prefer tele shots over wideangle

    – I don’t like the sun in the frame as it creates an ugly hotspot

    – I’m not a fan of super saturated, ultra wide angle high contrast sunrises/sumsets (ie the most common modern genre).

    Thank you onlandscape for helping me clarify things!


    How about doing a portfolio group as well as single images. A portfolio of related images LensWork style…

  • Yes I agree , many good photographs – yes it does seem to be an opportunity that’s not being utilised fully (nudge nudge :) )

  • Kevin Fidler

    I too am new to Flickr (and most things on an organised level in photography) so I’ve looked round some of the stuff available in various groups on there. To date I haven’t yet found a group with the level of expertise and interesting images as OnLandscape (I’m not putting my stuff into this category by the way…) and it’s good that such a variety of excellent images are available to view and aspire to. I would appeal to those pros and experts out there that if they could find the time to give the rest of us some short and honest critique of our efforts it would be very much appreciated and helpful.

    • I agree Kevin , yes it would be wonderful if some of the pros could give good honest critique. Perhaps a new feature for OnLandscape could be to pick say 4 or 5 new images each month from the Flickr group and do a little critique session on them. That way contributors to the Flickr Group stand a chance of having work reviewed in a meaningful way – perhaps even occasionally by Joe or David et al.

      How about it Tim?

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