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Nikon D800 – the landscape photographer’s Dslr?


It could be that the D800 is the end of the current MF back system



We've seen a lot of cameras come and go in the last few years and only a few have been real game changers. Typically these have been Canon, especially the 5D and the 5Dmk2.

However the crown has now changed heads and it's Nikon who have broken the mould. The D800 and the D800E at 36 megapixels are not only the highest resolution DSLR's out there but they also have one of the best high iso performances and with the Sony sensor have some of the best colour on the market too.

We're sure it won't be long until Canon catches up in some fashion but they'll have to do a serious bit of leap frogging to get past this new camera. First reports from various users have been mostly glowing (at least for landscape photography) with the few niggles being a problem with untrue sensors/lens mounts and with some firmware issues. These will undoubtedly be smoothed out and forgotten over time when people keep looking at the stunning results.

Our own Joe Cornish paired his D800 up with a Mirex tilt adapter and a few Hasselblad lenses to produce straight 'sliding back' stitched images that all but the most expensive medium format backs in terms of resolution and colour (although maybe not in general tonality).

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