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NPR Discuss What Landscape Means


The NPR (National Public Radio) website has a brief article discussing the current zeitgeist in landscape photography. Triggered by a thought provoking article on Flak Photo called "Looking at the Land". They ask a few people about including Alison Nordstrom, a curator who put on the rerun of the New Topographic exhibition (yes that one, the one responsible for sooo many dull undergraduate exhibitions).

Alison said to NPR "The whole point of landscape was traditionally to show 'that dichotomy between man and nature.' but that has changed: "We don't even know what nature is anymore".

That's a pretty polarising opinion - thoughts?

  • JT

    Andy Adams and the Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, might want to reflect on just how inclusive their internet request was. The scenes depicted in Looking at the Land – 21st Century American Views, do seem preoccupied with urban/architecture/municipal/agriculture, it seems that people ‘passionate about visual culture’ are not that passionate in venturing far from tarmac. The low turn out of littoral views, also suggests that in this instance a line was drawn in the sand, to rightly differentiate land from sea.

    Imagine if the request for ‘photographs depicting landscape in the United States since 2000’, had been posted to online communities/forums associated with hiking/backpacking/climbing/geology/ecology? I believe that they’d find the spirit/soul of Landscape photography alive and well, residing with individuals who have the motivation and skill set beyond that of following a sat nav instruction or reading a road atlas.

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