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Poppit Sands books by Michael Jackson


A new series of books called 'Returning Home' to accompany the Poppit Sands work.

Michael Jackson lives and works in South Wales - 30 minutes away from Poppit Sands beach in Pembrokeshire. His work at Poppit Sands is a continual life long examination of the landscape, the art of photography and the creative avenues that can be explored there.

'The work at Poppit Sands is not really a project - it is a whole photographic world. When I get new ideas I go to Poppit and use the beach to experiment. It is the base of everything that I do. Because of the fact that this process is ongoing I felt that a series of mini-books would best represent the work and how it progresses over the years. The collection of books will grow as the work at Poppit Sands grows.'

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