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Reports of my Death have been Greatly Exaggerated


fuji-velvia-comebackWell Fujifilm have done it again - the announcement that Velvia 50 was being killed off last year caused much consternation (even to the point where the venerable David Ward took a Canon 1DX to Iceland!) and also much stockpiling. It now turns out that just like Mark Twain, the corpse is still kicking.

Fujifilm announced today that Velvia 50 has been discontinued - in 5x7 format only. There is a new box design for 4x5 and 8x10 but it's still going strong. Whether this means it will be available outside of Japan is another matter but it certainly means that importing film is a possibility.


For those of you who have stockpiled, don't feel too bad. On top of the 20% price rise this year, Fuji are talking about a possible 25% price rise on certain lines (not confirmed yet) so you won't be regretting that credit card bill.

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/via Christian Stromberg


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