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    on D810 Live View Split Screen

    Interesting stuff Tim. It was the Live View improvements that most interested me too. When I've used a D800 in the past I've always felt its LV function was a poor relation to my Canon 5D3's. The dual window feature is definitely of interest, I often use LV to check my DoF [...]

    - Duncan Fawkes, 13:22 1st Jul

    on Valerie Millett

    Valerie, your work continues to grow and become more focused and expressive. You certainly do have a feel for the desert landscape! Best wishes to you. G Dan Mitchell

    - G Dan Mitchell, 02:52 30th Jun

    on On Vision… Part 1

    Thank you David, absolutely fascinating - I think of you as a sort of photographer philosopher. I don't know if there is any other magazine focussing on landscape photography where you could read such stuff? Looking forward to the next part.

    - Jay Patel, 13:14 28th Jun

Reports of my Death have been Greatly Exaggerated


fuji-velvia-comebackWell Fujifilm have done it again - the announcement that Velvia 50 was being killed off last year caused much consternation (even to the point where the venerable David Ward took a Canon 1DX to Iceland!) and also much stockpiling. It now turns out that just like Mark Twain, the corpse is still kicking.

Fujifilm announced today that Velvia 50 has been discontinued - in 5x7 format only. There is a new box design for 4x5 and 8x10 but it's still going strong. Whether this means it will be available outside of Japan is another matter but it certainly means that importing film is a possibility.


For those of you who have stockpiled, don't feel too bad. On top of the 20% price rise this year, Fuji are talking about a possible 25% price rise on certain lines (not confirmed yet) so you won't be regretting that credit card bill.

Translated page click here and the original page is here.

/via Christian Stromberg


21 thoughts on “Reports of my Death have been Greatly Exaggerated

  1. Great news!
    Hope the film will somehow become available in Europe too …
    As some of the bigger German online stores still have a larger backlog of unsatisfied orders,
    I expect it’s pretty much possible!
    There’s still some air left in my 2 meter freezer ;-)

  2. Yet another management disaster from Fuji. They really don’t understand their customers at all, do they?

    I wonder how many like me won’t really care as they have stockpiled.

    At least David can go back to what he enjoys…

  3. I think I have just shouted quite loudly what Victor Meldrew would have said!
    This pleases me as I’m down to my last 100 sheets!

  4. The facts that both Velvia and Provia are now on average between £70 and £80 per box and that processing costs have also risen this year, is it any wonder why people are ditching 4×5 film? That works out around £6.50 to £7 per slide including processing, and between £15.50 to £16.50 with secured P&P. (Dont even bother with 8×10). Sometimes you only want to take one image, which needs to be sent off. At these prices its just not worth it. After 160 E6, you would of spent the same as purchasing a Nikon D800, which you can then shoot a whole lot more and for free. (as much as I hate to admit that). For a hobby, unless you can get a return on your images via sales, then there is just no point shooting 4×5 any more. Yes you can process at home saving you the P&P and processing fee, but, theres a risk things can go wrong, and after a trip away I wouldnt want to do that. And its good to support what labs we have left in this country. Its just a shame that costs continue to rise, risking the future of film altogether as well the labs themselves.

    • Chris, I agree that everyone must weigh his options and if it’s worth for him or her.
      That said, I developed all film myself over two years, even three week locations, never outsourced development, and never screwed up a single image.
      I also own a D800 (I don’t use it for landscape), it’s a stunning camera, but print quality wise, it can’t compete with 4×5″. And of course, I could not live without movements, and buying each focal length (6 lenses now) as Tilt/Shift lens is not cheap, whereas with a view camera T/S comes free … then also, I love the simplicity of composing on the ground glass with a magnifier … scrolling around like mad at 10x live view isn’t fun (as could be read in David’s article). Best regards, Martin

      • Hi Martin,

        Completely agree…no argument. Youre talking to the already converted as Ive been using film for 13 years. However, you have to have the money with LF, which I dont. I cant justify the price of a box these days let alone the cost per sheet, plus scanning and p&p. Im beginning to see the upside of digital that ive been putting off for years. I dont want to keep putting my hand in my pocket everytime I take a photograph. I dont earn from my photography and so any outlay at all is never reclaimed. I know quality outways digital, its the reason why I went LF to begin with, but, stitching is the answer to that. Its time consuming, and isnt a preference, but when you need large prints, you just have to bite the bullet and get on with it. I hate the digital process, especially live view, but Im sure getting to know your camera and lenses well before heading out is the answer to live view.

        All the best!

    • Actually Fuji Provia can be had for £46 for a box of 20 which works out as £2.30 a sheet. Processing is £2.70 a sheet so that works out as £5 per shot.

      If you do your own developing (very easy and you can get a set up for £200) then processing is only 60p and no post and packaging for a total of £3.30 a sheet.

      And you can buy prime lenses that outperform anything Nikon and Canon have produced for between£100 and £300 pound each plus buy a brand new camera for £700.

      So although you have to be slightly insane, the results speak for themselves.

      And then if you’re really insane (like I think I might be) you have a 10×8 camera and your film costs about £20 a shot ;-)

      Then again I also have a Sony A900 and Nikon D800…

      • Hey Tim…great, another £200 Ill have to find then! I already think its expensive, let alone go and but yet more kit! lol Im sure it would help, maybe Ill consider it…but I havent spoken about scanning and the p&p associated with that yet…and no, I definately dont want to scan myself, its far too pricey. You need atleast a V700, preferably a V750, and then you need decent colour profiles and transparency tray, all that costs quite a bit. In the end it saves the hassle of p&p, but, its a lot of outlay for just a hobby. All I want to do is take photos! In all honesty, I think Ill be going back to 120 roll…much easier, quicker and more for your money. Its a shame, but looks like I have no other choice…

  5. Many photographers still prefer to shoot using a traditional 4×5 camera or a medium format film camera, prefer the look and quality of a scanned film image which differs significantly to that of a DSLR produced file. Personally I’ve found the entire experience of attempting to use a DSLR for landscape photography to be utterly disappointing. The day I can order what I like from Phase One – well that will be different! Michael.

  6. I have never used a large format camera but I can appreciate the worry at Fuji’s less than lucid announcements. I have just received my first set of medium format transparencies on Velvia 50 and I am hooked. The colour and reproduction is stunning. I hope that there are many photographers using digital capture that can be tempted back to the tactile nature and glorious reproduction of such lovely film. As for cost, I can indulge an awful lot of medium format shots for the price of an equivalent Phase One machine. These will never be cheap as manufacturing a large sensor without defects will always be difficult and costly. A small or full frame digital camera just does not appeal to me and my Mamiya 6 has far fewer settings! Tired of sitting in front of a computer? Use film. Use Velvia 50!

  7. While I enjoy posting the following link to a report of a photographer receiving it’s 161,000$ 8×10 Velvia shippment, at the same time I am sorry to report that it looks like another one of Fuji Communication Disasters striked again: Velvia RVP 50 sheet film 4×5 AND 8×10 IS, despite contrary explainations in march, in fact, DISCONTINUED:



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