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Steven Donaldson Exhibition, Discovery Point, Dundee


Steven Donaldson will be exhibiting a selection of landscapes and seascapes, simply entitled "Light on Land and Sea", in addition to photographs from his years working in the oil and gas industry. In Steven's own words..

"Landscapes have been a passion of mine for a long time. From driving to mountain biking to hill walking to snow boarding, no matter where I find myself, I always find time to stop and take in the view and the light. The natural progression of being in the outdoors to attempting to bring a piece of that home with me began about 15 years ago. My first public exhibition was at the Dundee Mountain Film Festival in 2010. From capture to printing, I enjoy every aspect of the photographic process.


 As for seascapes, well, they are a kind of release for me. A way of still feeling a part of the light and the natural world, whilst bobbing about on a wee boat in the middle of a great ocean! Phenomenal sunsets and sunrises make up for the lack of hills and lochs and sometimes I even sneak a wee platform or vessel in there. Just for a sense of scale. Or because the light happens to be hitting it in a pleasing way.
Regardless where I am in the world time has now shown that I will always look around me with photographers eyes (much to my wife's displeasure!). Light, shape, texture, they all draw my attention while other people are contentedly peering at their shoes ... Or mobile phones ..."
The exhibition will be running until the 29th June. You can see more of Steven's images and more about the exhibition at his website, http://www.stevendonaldson.co.uk/

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