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Webinar with David Clapp


Join us on the 23rd July 8.30pm for a webinar with David Clapp.

In his latest articles for On Landscape David talks through colour management using Lightroom and Photoshop.

We'll be looking at colour management issues plus other subjects in this hour long session.

David is one of the UK’s most successful landscape photographers, combining an extraordinary success in a moribund stock photo market and being at the forefront of the recent Aurora trend.

David is renowned for his transparent Photoshop and post-processing skills, his aim is to leave his images looking as natural as possible. 'If I can see any signs of post-processing, the moment of capture is lost and the image has failed'. in this the first of hopefully many Onlandscape webinars, David will explain to us the issues with colour management in the natural world, extending on his latest video and working with other examples.

Before the end of July, David is launching the first in a series of UK post processing seminars, branded as 'Behind The Scenes', kicking off in London in late November 2013 with new dates in Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Dublin to follow.

'It doesn't matter how much glass and camera equipment you own, it's here that the true magic happens. Post-processing is always the last aspect to be addressed by landscape photographers, who will spend thousands on outdoor workshops and suffer year after year in a state of digital bewilderment... Its time to get this sorted.'

If you can't make the event, please feel free to send questions beforehand via Twitter, Facebook or email.

You can join the session online or via telephone. Please register soon, as spaces are going fast!

  • Colin

    This link to the registration page no longer works. I have been trying for 2 days. Using OSX Safari.

    So I guess I can no longer book???


    • Hi Colin – we only put the webinar live last night after 6pm. There has been a problem with Citrix, the company behind the webinar software, but we’ve had over a hundred people sign up. The system still seems to be taking subscriptions though so please try again. Safari should be OK. Sorry you’ve had problems..

      • Colin

        HI Tim,

        Thanks for the reply. Still issues.

        Anyway other way I can be booked as I will be away from internet access for the next 24hrs?


        • Charlotte Parkin

          Hi Colin, Citrix are having serious technical issues today, so really sorry about that. Do you want me email us on socialmedia@onlandscape.co.uk with your email and details and once it’s up and running again, we’ll register you? Thanks Charlotte

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