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Webinar with Doug Chinnery, Friday 29th November: ICM Image Processing


In the previous webinar we ran, Doug talked about how to make images using ICM. In the next issue of On Landscape we will be including a video taken when our editor spent an afternoon with Doug out in Clumber Park talking about ICM techniques.

And to finish things off, this hour long webinar the final part of our series on Intentional Camera Movement and Multiple Exposure techniques, we will be:

* Demonstrating post processing images taken using Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) and multiple exposure techniques

* Introducing texturing images

Doug Chinnery is a full-time professional teacher, writer and photographer specialising in leading digital & film photography workshops and writing for magazines & photography websites.

He leads tours for Charlie Waite’s photography tour company, Light & Land as well as running a full schedule of his own workshops. His images are bought world-wide and sold through several stock agencies including Getty.

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