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Will landscape photographers soon be making models not pictures?


via Omote 3D

In what is approaching the realms of science fiction the world’s first 3D printing photo booth is set to open for a limited time in Harajuku, Japan. From November 24 to January 14, 2013, people with reservations can go and have their portraits taken. Except, instead of a photograph, you’ll receive miniature replicas of yourselves. The technology that allows the replication of 3D objects has been around for a few years but has been far too expensive and inaccessible to the public. But what does this mean for the landscape photographer of the future when surely the capture element will be build into the latest DSLR camera (or whatever will be using then)? Will we all be making tiny models of our favourite landscape locations; tiny replicas of Brimham Rocks, Tors on Dartmoor? Maybe we could add little trains that run around these models? The convergence of model train building and 'photography'. We could take over the garden shed with our landscape 'photo sculptures' ….


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The Future?


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